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Grounding Myself In Creativity

My soul speaks in pictures and words, with pencils, paints and a camera. Everyday I feel a tug to create something. It might be a quick sketch, or a long slow painting, writing a blog post or traipsing through nature with camera in tow. Creativity is healing and supportive. It pushes me to go on and be more, to keep after my purpose of being an understanding human. Once I opened the door to creativity I have never looked back. I see creativity in the children I have raised and the people who surround me. I applaud others when they walk through that door as well.

What is it you do that stirs your soul?

Do you write, sculpt, or just draw on napkins?

Do you love color or texture, sewing or fiber arts?

Does working with wood or creating video games pull you in?

Is it writing poetry or a novel that fills you?

What are you drawn to in the sea of possibility?

I would love to hear.

The world is a makers studio, and it’s time to create goodness that flows from your soul.


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